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In addition to Machine Vision applications for assembly, PMD has the in house machine vision expertise to leverage machine Vision for a many types of testing.

Product Inspection

Have a large model matrix? Machine Vision can be used to inspect many aspects of you products weather it’s a pallet full of parts traveling down a conveyor or a single part feeding down a track Machine vision can be used to provide a 100% inspection of your products.


Cannot guarantee that your supplier is delivering parts within a specified tolerance? PMD has used Machine Vision to perform tolerance measurements on both incoming product as well as parts coming off an assembly process.

Assembly Verification

Generally sensors can be used to verify or test the proper assembly of client products. In some cases however where it may be impractical to fit a sensor or when there are many models variations making many sensors impractical, machine vision can be used to test an assembly sequence.

Code Verification (OCR, 2d grading, 1D)

PMD has implemented many tests that interrogate Text or a code that has been printed either directly onto a product (DPM) or onto the products shipping container, label, packaging, etc… In some cases OCR application are required to verify that the proper text has been printed onto a package in other case a client is looking to verify that a bar-code label has printed correctly.

UV Enhancers

Sometimes it is not practical to see a dispense media dispensed onto a product during the assembly process. In some of these cases a UV enhancer can be put into the dispensed media such that utilizing standard vision hardware in conjunction with a UV Lighting scheme the dispensed media can be seen with ease.


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