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PMD is a preferred supplier of Robotics and Custom Automation to many of the world’s leading companies. We leverage our experience in diverse technologies, products, and processes to provide successful manufacturing solutions to our clients all over the world. Assembly and Test Systems, Machine Replication, Retrofits, Integrated Solutions or a critical service project, PMD has the experience, resources, and commitment to the success of our clients to get the job done.



Our proprietary Business Process Management System, PMDb, is the tool that connects our people to policies and technology, to optimize business operations. PMDb has been developed to normalize procedures, increase efficiencies and guide project teams to out-perform expectations.

PMDb provides up to the minute data for the overall company or as granular as the individual part. All personnel have project metrics allowing for continual monitoring of performance and program status.

By focusing on Process Management, we iteratively improve our methods and ensure consistency of customer experience. Leveraging software automation provides freedom to focus on the important tasks of schedule and budget.


Process Grid

PMDb Process Grid

Data for each project auto-populates into the Process Grid, creating metrics for the project team members. Each Grid matrix location contains information about a specific station on the machine; due dates, station owners, process steps, commercial performance, and ETC’s.

Each Grid location is dynamic and interactive, with the PM able to approve process steps directly from the Grid location.

The Process Grid helps to speed the processing of updates, keeping data and action items up to the minute, the project team focused, and your project on schedule.



PMDb Process Summary

All disciplines and tasks have scheduled checkpoints on each user interface. PMDb automatically compiles the actual data from these steps and compares it with the expected, creating a feedback loop. This feedback is used to optimize our processes and implement continuous Improvement.



PMDb - Bill of Materials

The PMDb documentation module with integrated Solidworks EPDM (Enterprise Product Data Management) has helped to maximize documentation integrity and storage efficiencies. Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, standards, and other related business documents are quickly accessible and viewable from browsers across the company.


Features & Reports

PMDb Process Steps

PMDb is a vast repository of automatically populated data. This data is valuable in analyzing how we are doing both on individual projects and as a business. The Project Management group has access to all project-relevant reporting tools and uses these in the weekly project team meetings.

Some of the more heavily used reports are Action Items, so all team members (PMD and the Client) stay on top of their responsibilities, the Shortage report, so that we know exactly what machine components are trending late (and target our vendor communications) and the PMD designed BOM structure. The BOM is packed with info-at-a-glance, allowing anyone the ability to take what they need from the color-coding or drill deeper to get granular information on parts, details, assemblies, or overall project info.



With over 150,000 sq feet, PMD’s facilities are laid out with state-of-the-art equipment and staffed with over 200 employees.
PMD strengths in this area include:

  • Latest computing, CAD, and networking technologies
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing – connected to ERP system
  • Climate controlled manufacturing areas
  • Dedicated clean assembly areas
  • Secure Assembly areas of confidential projects
727 Rowley Road

 Corporate HQ

687 Rowley Road

Building 1

7385 Willowbrook Road

Building 3

Spartanburg, SC

Service HQ

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