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“Creative and Cost Effective Automation Solutions” – That has been our motto since Day 1 and remains at the core of our beliefs and process.   Our growth in diverse markets and internationally has been fueled by the pursuit of simplicity through creativity.

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We leverage the experience of our most valuable asset, our PEOPLE.  We challenge them to innovate – this is where World Class Solutions come from.  Daily brainstorming sessions drive the simple and robust answers to complex problems that global clients demand.  Whether the challenge is a Factory Automation Solution, a Proof of Process in our lab or an accelerated time frame, our client centered process delivers.


We stay at the edge of technology through EDUCATION and INNOVATION.  We employ the latest In Robot,  Vision and Laser application professionals.  Our years of  experience with ultra-high accuracy and integrated motion control make PMD the right choice for the most demanding applications.  Combine this with our attention to detail and customer service and you have WORLD CLASS FACTORY AUTOMATION!


Progressive Machine and Design builds Factory Automation Systems.  We count some of the world’s biggest, most technologically advanced and successful companies as our clients.  They are also some of the most demanding.  PMD provides the technical solutions that they demand – and an integration partner that allows them to focus on their core business.

How do we do this?  With PASSION and COMMUNICATION!  Our goal is to be the #1 provider of turnkey custom manufacturing solutions to our clients.  This includes markets such as Life Sciences, Transportation, Consumer Products, Energy and Glass / Ceramics.  We continually improve this effort through initiatives like ISO, PMDb and our 2013 expansion.

PMD also provides Contract Manufacturing services to a growing clientele.  We offer fabrication, machining services and expertise to our customers focused in precision machining – CNC Milling & CNC Turning . We take your products and ideas from Prototyping, through Production to packaging across all materials from Ferrous and Non Ferrous to Plastics.

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