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From semi-automated vision inspection stations to hi-tech vision guided assembly robots, PMD has designed and built systems for high speed assembly, test and inspection for electronic component and assembly manufacturing. With a seasoned controls department, PMD can integrate new systems with your existing network including MES/ERP systems.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Wafer Handling
  • Circuit Board Assembly & Test
  • Electrical Connector Manufacturing
  • Custom Automated Flow-Through Ovens
  • Wire Bonder Integration
  • High Precision Robotic Assembly
  • Adhesive & Potting Compound Dispense & Curing
  • RF Configuration
  • Ink Tank Cartridge Filling Systems
  • 300mm wafer pad shave
  • Laser burn in customized wafers
  • Epoxy bonding of boards to heat sinks

Industries Menu