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PMD offers industry standard automation systems to provide the best value.

However,when the needs for specialized applications are necessary, PMD meets the challenge with a team of engineers having many years of multifaceted automation experience.

Multi-axis servo or pneumatic controlled platforms, rotary dials, conveyor systems and robots are incorporated into a variety of turn-key applications for material handling, assembly, testing, inspection and other manufacturing processes. PMD offers automated solutions for ultrasonic, laser, MIG-TIG and spot-welding applications.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • High speed vision and inspection
  • Flexible &Scalable Assembly Automation
  • High Speed Synchronous & Asynchronous assembly systems
  • Robotic Integration; Assembly, Weld, Inspect and Material Handling
  • Electronic diagnostics & test Systems
  • Vision Inspection & Vision Guidance (precise accuracy)
  • Lean Cells
  • Converting Equipment
  • High speed packaging – Blister pack, fill and seal
  • Hot glass handling systems

Process Applications:

  • Ultrasonic & Laser welding, marking
  • Packaging systems
  • Product labeling, print and data collection
  • Coating/painting
  • Vision and material handling systems
  • Adaptive vision guided robotics
  • Metered precision liquid handling and filling
  • Soldering
  • Adhesive & Potting compound dispense and curing

Product Applications:

  • Speakers – assemble & test
  • Copier -Image cartridge assembly
  • Fire proof safes – assembly & test
  • Computer – Inkjet printer head assembly
  • Lighting assembly
  • Cosmetics – packaging, printing, bottling, capping
  • Television – glass processing, material handling
  • Consumables – packaging, labeling, sealing machines
  • Plastic Bag processing – material handling, sorting & inspecting
  • Cable connectors assembly, inspection and testing
  • Fiber optics
  • Wafer Processing
    • Mold machine tending
    • Lighting Assembly & Test
    • Inkjet printer head Assembly
    • Machining Center load/unload
    • Zipper Track Bag Assembly
    • Fireproof Safe Assembly Handling
    • Miniature Bearing Assembly
    • Commercial Lighting Manufacturing
    • Window Hardware Manufacturing
    • Electronic Enclosure Latch Assembly
    • Kitchen Ware Handling
    • Cosmetic Cap Handling

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