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Areas of Expertise:



  • Fanuc
  • ABB
  • Kuka
  • Adept
  • Denso
  • Staubli
  • Epson
  • 3, 4, 5 and 6 axis arm capability and auxiliary (7-12 axis) available in some models
  • Cartesian, SCARA and fully articulated joint configurations

Material handling robots

  • Stacking and un-stacking of heavy goods

Assembly Robots

  • During the past several years the use of robotic systems is very common in the automation of product assembly processes. PMD has configured many assembly cells in a broad range of capability and cost. New and developing sensory systems both within and external to a robotic platform have allowed a great deal more sophistication in moves required of a robot.
  • Robotics have become an economically feasible solution when there is a need to eliminate repetitive motion injuries in the workplace.

Flex Feeding Robotics

  • A flex feeding technique when paired with robotic systems provides very unique and effective solutions to component feeding problems. When a component does not have enough definition in shape to allow traditional orientation by touching physical characteristics of the part, the vision based flex feeding method can accommodate this challenge. In addition, it is possible to feed more than one part simultaneously using unique features of each component as identifiers. PMD has not only implemented commercially available flex systems but also custom designed solutions that address unique needs in physical size or added performance.

Vision Guided

  • Machine vision systems with direct feedback to the motion platform of the robot will accomplish a high level of complexity in automation. In most cases the positional information of the product derived from the vision system is provided to the robotic system where it is used to align the robotic workspace to the actual part position therefore minimizing the need for highly accurate and expensive fixture tools. The integration of vision systems and robotics has developed to a degree that positional information of a moving object can be utilized by the robot for “on the fly” work.

Machine Tending

  •  Load and unload of machining centers
  • Load and unload of press machines
  • Load and unload of tool sharpening machines


  • As inventory or supply streams have become more customized to reduce costs the value of very flexible unit builds has justified the use of robotics.

Custom Applications

  • Assembly in Hostile Environments
  • Dispensing
  • Parts Loading and Gaging
  • Washing
  • Coating
  • Clean Room
  • Vacuum

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