Progressive Machine & Design will be a world-class leader in automation solutions. 


Progressive Machine & Design is committed to the success of our customers by providing value-added, innovative automation solutions to solve their challenges through our creative, dynamic, and knowledgeable workforce. Our continued dedication to developing automated processes will ensure high-quality standards, transparency of customer project status, and projects managed to on-time deliveries. PMD is equally committed to providing a work environment where our employees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of continual improvement and excellence.


Core Values


  • Commitment to ethical and candid business practices.


  • Do what is best for the organization.
  • Share knowledge and experience with others.


  • Provide creative solutions for our customers’ needs.


  • Set high standards and actively seek opportunities for improvement.


  • Treat all persons with dignity, respect, and equality.
  • Provide frequent and appropriate feedback.


Corporate Goals

  1. Be valued partners to our customers.
  2. Grow the PMD brand through the success of our customers.
    • Provide creative and efficient automation solutions determined by well-thought-out concepts.
    • Develop proposals that clearly describe our solutions.
  3. Deliver the highest level of customer service and support.
    • Conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity.
    • Provide clients with a positive experience in designing their projects.
    • Support clients in solving their challenges.
    • Follow through to final product satisfaction.
  4. Utilize state-of-the-art technology, processes, and systems to reduce costs and time to implement customer solutions.
    • Efficient implementation and use of PMDb.
    • On-demand updating of the information database.
    • Embedded training in our processes to clearly define expectations.
  5. Maintain the highest level of quality in the work we provide to our customers.
    • Be accountable for our contribution and be proud of it.
  6. Collaboration and cooperation between employees in a positive, supportive, respectful manner to resolve issues.
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