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Creative and Cost Effective Automation Solutions” – That has been our motto since Day 1 and remains at the core of our beliefs. Our growth in diverse markets and internationally has been fueled by the pursuit of simplicity through creativity. From supporting process development to delivering scalable, modular and flexible automation, we have the experience and Subject Matter Experts to meet your manufacturing needs.

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The PMD Method

We use a disciplined engineering process including daily brainstorming sessions and progressive collaboration with you and your team. This assures that the result meets the application goals and that the system matches the combined Vision of both the Client and PMD. In this way we can confidently guarantee Success.


Providing successful projects in Factory Automation means having a vast knowledge base of system styles and the experience to implement. PMD’s Global Clients depend on us to know their process and provide the right equipment, tailored specifically for their project.

Whether your application requires a high speed laser welding robot with servo driven indexing tables and granite surfaces or a more simple power and free system with pick-n-place assembly, fill and test, we have the experience. If we haven’t done it, our approach to new concepts is proven to succeed.

We think of it all!!

Many elements go into a comprehensive solution to a factory automation application, it would be difficult to list them all. However our rigorous process drives PMD to consider all aspects of a project so that we make you succeed! Some typical items:

  • Scalability and modularity for future volume expansion
  • Progressive commercialization – allows you to get comfortable with the process before we fully automate
  • DFMA – our experienced engineers will assist with recommendations
  • Process development
  • Future model changes / additions

Proof of Process (PoP)

Clients frequently bring in new ideas, concepts or just a handful of parts looking for help in determining the most efficient assembly, test or handling method. We will put together a team to target your application and run this as a PoP. We will typically do this work in our Robot and Vision Lab, a secure environment dedicated to prototype work. This will be a collaborative and iterative process working with your personnel until a solution is agreed upon.

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