Database and Traceability

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Traceability and integration into a plant Database have become an industry standard. PMD has been providing these services for many years. We are often tasked with integrating into our clients database and can design and provide the database if necessary.

Database development or integration

PMD has database experts to help in the development and deployment of your manufacturing database.

PLC Based Data Management

Often PMD has standard data transfer logic that has been written and deployed for many plc platforms. Sometimes the initial costs of a database can be prohibitive PMD has developed standardized data management tools across many product platforms to provide a robust data management system. These standards can be used in most applications with minimal modifications making your data management project more cost effective.

Product traceability

It has become increasing popular to be able to store product specific process data as part of the manufacturing process. PMD has integrated many types of product traceability systems based on our customers’ requirements including:

  • RFID
  • 2D/1D Barcode systems
  • PLC based tracking solutions

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