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PMD has been providing DAQ systems for all industries. This in-house expertise has been developed over many years of implementing challenging applications. Some of these applications have been listed below.

Durability/Product Life cycle testing

In the automotive industry often product life cycle testing is performed to ensure a robust and economical product can be achieved. PMD has built many types of durability and /or life cycle testers, some of which have had to spend their entire lives in an environmental chamber under the most extreme conditions.

Product Communications

PMD has experience in post assembly device testing, such as radios, key fobs and other devices that have some form of onboard communications. Some examples of these types of testing are:

  • RF
  • Bluetooth
  • LF Analysis
  • Network

Signature analysis

Signature analysis is a common form of Daq. PMD has developed libraries of applications to leverage for these types of applications.

Sound and Vibration Analysis

The integration of Sound and vibration hardware can take a keen eye to detail. PMD has built sound and vibration measuring test systems.


Not an industry standard measurement type. PMD has developed many custom applications across multiple industry segments.

  • Corona Measurement
  • Planarity of surfaces
  • Fiber Optic Attenuation
  • Automated CMM Integration
  • Optimized Cost Algorithms

Test Systems Menu