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Mechanical Design

At PMD, the value we provide clients is directly proportional to the solutions that we offer. Our design professionals have experience “across the board” with automation technologies and clients rely on PMD to provide robust and reliable solutions to complex problems.

A collaborative design process involving the client stakeholders and daily brainstorming sessions lead to the innovative concepts that have become the PMD hallmark. Combine this with the capacity to run dozens of jobs concurrently across the globe and you have a true design partner.

Controls Design / Programming

  • Robot Programming

    With approximately 30 controls engineers and a dozen robot programmers, PMD is recognized as a Certified Robotic Integrator by RIA, the Robotics Industries Association. This distinction is earned through rigorous technical testing and an analysis of PMD’s robotics business volume and success.

  • PLC & PC Programming

    PMD’s group of experienced and well-rounded controls engineers have programmed hundreds of systems. We install equipment globally and standards vary from region to region and client to client, therefore we are fluent with all manufacturers of PLC’s and an extensive variety of PC software.

  • HMI Screen Development

    Operators, maintenance and management need real-time access to information in a format that is easily understandable. PMD’s controls group designs interactive HMI screens that display critical information so your personnel can make quick decisions and provide real-time and accurate reports.

  • Database and Traceability

    Advanced solutions enable manufacturers to reconcile both competitive and regulatory concerns and accommodate the need for tighter fault detection and quality assurance programs. PMD has experience with the full range of options to help assure you and your clients that the process and the product are properly monitored and reported.

Machine Vision

PMD leverages our experienced machine vision engineers with a variety of equipment styles and internally developed programs to get the most out of every system and maximize functionality.

Through a combination of application and equipment experience, PMD’s vision engineers understand vision design methods and get you the data and feedback required to automate your most challenging processes.

All vision systems have their own identity and the PMD machine vision engineers are dedicated to providing the right solution. Our group of accredited vision engineers with the responsibility of developing machine vision programs for all of our automated machines and systems.

These systems may be used for part inspection, robot guidance, packaging or any number of other applications. You can trust PMD to design and verify that the system has uses the best cameras, software, lighting and optics for your project.

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