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Having many repeat customers manufacturing a variety of medical and pharmaceutical products, PMD utilizes its accumulated expertise for application in the design of custom machinery in every phase of production.

PMD has delivered systems for dispensing, metering, flow and leak testing, fabrication, printing, material handling, processing and packaging of many pharmaceutical and medical products. PMD designs systems to meet high-speed production while adhering to the most strict safety standards.

PMD offers clean rooms for systems manufacture that will operate in the most discriminating clean room environment.

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Areas of Expertise:

  • Laser weld, solder and test
  • Flexible & Scalable Assembly Automation
  • High Speed Synchronous & Asynchronous assembly systems
  • Robotic Integration; Assembly, Weld, Inspect and Material Handling
  • Electronic diagnostics & test Systems
  • Vision Inspection & Vision Guidance (precise accuracy)
  • Lean Cells
  • Aseptic class 100
  • Drug testing
  • Packaging systems
  • Medical device assemble/test
  • Product & process development
  • URS development

Process Applications:

  • Ultrasonic & Laser welding,
  • High speed packaging – Blister pack, fill and seal
  • Product labeling, print and data collection
  • Coating/painting
  • Gravimetric & Volumetric Dispensing
  • Vision inspection and measurement
  • Laser Ablation
  • Selective and adaptive Assembly
  • Surface Treatment
  • Adaptive vision guided robotics

Product Applications:

  • Contact lens- Mfg, inspect and packaging
  • Blood Analyzer slide assembly machine
  • Cardiac monitoring/CRM, defibrillator, pacemaker assembly
  • Blood Pressure cuff assembly and printing
  • Ophthalmology /genecology – Scopes, inspection tools
  • Lasik Blade
  • Stent coating
  • Reagent bottle – dispense & capping
  • Needle Packing
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Ultrasonic Wash
  • Component sub assembly, staplers, scopes, vision probes
  • Point of care Diagnostic’s
  • Sharps and Scalpels
  • Tape and assembly machines
  • Prefilled delivery tools
  • Lamination lines
  • Biochemical & cell based drug discovery

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