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PMD contract manufacturing is more than a “job shop”. We can provide typical machining services but we also provide advanced design services. Our experience of many years building custom machines have helped our customers for their custom products and custom machine design. Our experienced staff uses state of the art 3-D solid modeling programs to provide fast prototype and product design as well as a visual model that you the customer can study and make sure your custom design is correct.

PMD Machining and Engineering is a machine shop plus a custom design shop. Our PLC driven custom machines are designed to meet your requirements for functionality and speed. We offer design services for products, machines and automated systems. Our machining services cover your custom part needs no matter how complex they are. If we can’t make your part in house, we will find the right expertise to get the job done right. No matter what, we are focused on you the customer and your needs.

PMD has the technology, facilities, and experienced staff to help take your project from conception to production.

Whether you need a part designed, reverse engineered or prototyped, we can help advise and design your parts for longer wear, better functionality, and lower production cost.

We give our customers a quality product without jeopardizing quality, design or assembly. PMD is capable of all ranges of design management, from a single part design, to turnkey programs. We offer prototype services to aid in the process of proper fit and function before finalizing your design and beginning the production phase.

Data Exchange:

  • AutoCAD Inventor
  • Solidworks 2007 and 2008
  • ProEngineer (Pro-E) Wildfire
  • DXF, IGES, STEP for direct importation into our CAD systems.
  • PDF, TIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, and EPS (for graphics)

Special Services:

  • ESI-Early Supplier Involvement (Concept)
  • Concurrent Services (Design)
  • Value Add Services (Sustaining)
  • Lean Initiatives and Kaizen Blitzes

Typical Annual Volumes:

  • From prototypes to 10,000 pieces annually
  • Discrete orders, Blanket orders, Quarterly Buys, Annual Contracts

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