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Power and Free systems are an effective way method of transporting products
between manufacturing processes and allowing for buffering in-between stations. These buffers allow for a machine or process to be serviced or recover from an error while an adjacent process can continue to run.

The power and free platform is also a flexible platform to allow a series of processes to be fit into a client’s manufacturing footprint.

Typically a custom pallet with fixturing to support the products from one process step to the next is deployed although there are several types of power and free applications.

Types of Power and Free

PMD has design and built power and free systems as well as integrated to our client’s standard configurations. See some of the application examples below:

Large format products


Clean room systems


Small part systems



In a kitting application a pallet can be outfitted with multiple fixtures to facilitate a “kit” of parts or sub-assemblies required to create a completed assembly. These pallets can leverage the dexterity of an operator required to orient parts for assembly with a dedicated fixture for each component. Once a kit has been completed the pallet can travel to an automated cell(s) for the assembly process to occur.

Kitting-01 Kitting-02

Data tracking and Storage

In a power and free application several means of data tracking can be deployed.

  • PLC Binary tracking
  • RFID Tags fixture to the pallet can store on board part relevant data
  • Barcodes on the pallet can be used to store data to a database
  • Pallet flags can be used to ID pallets

PMD Products

PMD’s “Twin Strand” Power & Free conveyor is a competitively priced platform leveraging libraries of standard implements.

  • Drive modules
  • Elevator modules
  • Stacking modules
  • Turns
  • Precision Stops
  • Lift and Locate modules

PMD also offers a “Clean room Conveyor” product which is equipped equal to our twin strand version. These products have been in the field for many years and have a proven track record.

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