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Cam driven machines represent one of the oldest methods for the automation of production. Even so, equipment based on cam technology is still strongly relevant alongside the latest in automation techniques.

The most significant benefit of a mechanical cam system is speed. Some of the fastest automation solutions are cam based due to the exacting control of movements within a mechanism. Tooling motion follows a precise and predictable path which allows for high speed with acceleration dynamics that favor a smooth, quiet running system.

Due to the rigidly controlled tool movements, a cam based system is very predictable in performance. All movements are interlinked mechanically and remain in perfect time with each other which allows for elimination of “safe” dwells required by other means of actuation and the minimizing of part to part cycle times. Since the positions of tool elements are always a known, further reductions in cycle time can be realized by the use of blended tool motions where actions overlap in time with designed-in phasing.

The use of cam driven operations can range from a system being entirely cam defined or where cam motions are selectively used within flexible automation. PMD has many years’ experience implementing cam operated systems and would be happy to advise when and where this technology is best used. All equipment produced by PMD is designed and built within our facility and we can offer services exactly tailored to customer needs.

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