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Peace of Mind

First – When you buy from PMD, you are not buying “a machine”. You have bought a solution to your problems, not just technically, but fundamentally! You can “just know” that PMD will take care of it. This is why clients return, giving us an 85% repeat business rate

Joining TechnologiesThe “PMDb” Process

Our Process Management Database is a revolutionary and proprietary tool that demands all projects are run exactly the same and automates much of the non-value added effort. This frees us up to do what we do best – SOLVE PROBLEMS !! PMDb guides you through the process for every project ensuring consistency, communication, schedule maintenance and ultimately – VALUE for our clients. Please visit the PMDb (link) page for a demo on this internally developed product.

The “Vision”

This is a common and always evolving thread at PMD. The different functional groups share the same “Vision”;  passion, ingenuity, and care in  finding the best solution for our client’s needs. We are outside the box thinkers, tenacious and adaptive in approach regardless of complexity. During the development phase, the concept is created by PMD, in collaboration with the client to ensure that we share the “Vision” of a successful solution. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable knowing that we’d  do anything  to solve your issues and to feel that PMD is an extension of your company.

Financial Health

PMD believes in its people, processes and culture.  Our low debt, coupled with a strong balance sheet allows us to tackle multiple programs of varied fiscal magnitude without the worry of economic instability. As a result, we continue to experience , sustainable,  yr / yr  growth and profitability regardless of economic conditions.    We continue to reinvest in our company to maintain a competitive edge, and will continue to capitalize our infrastructure to build for the future.

Automotive & Transportation

PMD is a Vertical Manufacturer

The PMD business model dictates that we have on campus personnel for engineering, machining, fabrication, machine assembly and service departments. By having all relevant departments for machinery manufacturing, quality and adherence to schedule can be maximized. The end result, is greater value.


Full Service Capabilities

From sub-micron accuracy to basic  integration, to refurbishment. PMD can design, develop and service fully engineered  systems regardless of size or complexity. We are committed to supporting and servicing after the sale to ensure all of your goals are met  throughout the equipment’s life span. Our goal is to  satisfy your goals, financial/ROI, time sensitive, system critical, process or cycle time related. We cater to all variables, any size, any condition or location. This is Full Service.

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