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About PMD

Progressive Machine and Design has internally developed a web-based software system to provide an unprecedented level of seamless integration and control across the entire PMD organization.  The software will ultimately hit on all areas of the company providing daily efficiencies in all activities, from finding a drawing to releasing prints for fabrication.

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The system will eventually allow users to scan any piece of equipment (that PMD either has built or is in the process of building) with any web-enabled device and view all information about that equipment; drawings, purchased part status and estimated ship dates for starters.  The current release of the system focuses on the following major improvements:

  1. Tightly controlled engineering release process

    • PMDb is fully integrated with Solidworks and its Enterprise Product Data Management (EPDM) system.  This allows PMD to manage and control the state of every drawing as it moves through the process.  Once it is released to the shop for approval, it is tightly controlled and revisions are managed as changes are made.  This tight control is all done in a manner that doesn’t inhibit the PMD benefit of vertical integration and flexibility.  By leveraging software automation, asking for revisions on part drawings is as simple as a click of a button.
  2. Increased visibility across PMD

    • One major benefit of PMDb is the increased visibility across the company.  At any time, management can view the real time status of a project without relying on manual report updates.  A shop person can walk up to a part or machine and quickly pull up the status of the part, view the print or 3D model on any computer or web-enabled device, or view the system BOM and status of each part.
  3. Improved project management functions

    • PMD currently has a strong project management group with in depth project workbooks used to manage all project information in one place including budgets, process sign off sheets, part status and more.  PDMb will move all project workbook functions to the web, automating all reporting aspects.  Once fully implemented, a Project Manager will be able to click on a specific project and quickly see budget updates, purchased parts, etc.. and be alarmed of any late or delayed deliveries.  PMDb has also moved all process tracking and design sign off sheets to the web.  This will allow viewing project status at a click and ensure that all steps in the PMD Process are followed every time.  These improvements will allow the project manager even more time to work hands on with the customer ensuring the project meets or exceeds all timing and technical expectations.
  4. Easy to use document revision control

    • As PMD moves toward ISO9001 certification, PMDb has an integrated document section that allows for tight control of all business related documents.  All Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, standards and other related business documents will be quickly accessible and view-able from all browsers across the company.  No more searching for the latest information on industry standards, it’s all at the user’s fingertips.
  5. Integration across all of PMD

    • In addition to increased process control and reduced manual collection and manipulation of data, PMDb will make other aspects of PMD life easier for everyone.  The visual phone list is one example of many ways we are making it easier to perform daily activities in our growing company.

Our goal with PMDb is to provide an easy to use interface that allows all users quick access to what they need to make their daily lives more efficient.  Our success will be evident by tighter controls and improved project management without sacrificing the flexibility and execution that PMD is known for.

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